Monday, 14 November 2011

hard to let it go

it's hard for me to leave you
it's hard for me to say goodbye
it's hard for me to let you go

you know why?
because you are everything
you make my day
you make me laugh
you make me cry, you make me angry
it's all about you

so why you want to act like this?
why you easily fall in love with someone that you don't even know?
why you do this to me?

we're meant together
first time that we've meet is on 2009
and now 2011
almost two years we're together
every single things about me, you know right?
you keep my secret
you keep my pictures
you keep my word
but why you don't want to keep our relationship?

i love you
i miss you
i want you back into my life
i'm sorry 
i just want you, the old one 
i hate my new one
it's not same like you before
totally different

please come back to me !
i want my account !

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